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Competitive Advantage….It’s What Makes You Different

In our 2014 Topic Survey, Competitive Advantage was ranked highest among our members and readers as the topic they want to see us cover in 2014. Accordingly, during our web conference this month Stephen Tweed discusses Competitive Advantage and what you can do to differentiate your company from the competition.  Stephen addresses the seven sources of competitive advantage and also incorporates the results of our January Reader Survey on the same topic.   Our preliminary results show the top three sources of competitive advantage for our survey participants are:

1.  Strategic Selling
2.  Exceptional Customer Experiences
3.  Specialized Programs 

Stephen also wrote a blog post in January, where you can read more about the Seven Sources of Competitive Advantage.

Stephen gives specific examples of highly successful companies who have used the seven sources of competitive advantage to differentiate their business and create competitive advantage in their local marketplace so you can see where your own strategies fall in comparison.

As a result of this program, you will be able to …

  1. Identify the sources of competitive advantage in your company and how to differentiate your company.
  2. Discuss how those techniques apply to your marketing plan.
  3. Identify how to craft a marketing strategy and message that communicates your competitive strategy.



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