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Which social media methods are most effective for home health, hospice, or private duty marketing?

We regularly hear lots of buzz about using social media to market your home care business.  The real questions is, “Does it work?”

Two years ago we conducted a survey of our readers and the results show that very few, if any, home care companies were able to track new referrals that turned into admissions to their social media activities.  Here’s a link to the last Survey Results in 2011.

Many people responded with, “But that’s not what social media is for.  We want to build our brand.” or “We want to drive people to our web site.”

Follow the Money

Your time is money.  If you are spending time and energy on social media and it’s not making your telephone ring, then you have to ask the question, “If I spend 30 minutes a day five days a week working on social media and it’s not making my phone ring, what else could I be doing for that 2 1/2 hours?”

Let’s Check Again

Times they are a changing, and more people are using social media today than two years ago. At Leading Home Care, we’ve focused on using LinkedIn to build a network, and we have nearly 6,500 members in our Leading Home Care Network group.  We get direct messages on LinkedIn from clients and prospects and we’ve generated revenue that we can track from our networking on LinkedIn.

What works for you?

Please take a few minutes to participate in this month’s industry survey.  Tell us what’s working and what’s not working for you in social media marketing.   We’ll publish the results in a future blog post and in our newsletter, Leading Home Care Report.

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