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Make the Most of Your Interviews

By Diane West

Writing great job ads and placing them well has paid off.  Now it’s time to review all of those applications, conduct phone screens and begin the interview process.  You know what not to say or do in the interview after reading the article by Tammi DeVille, Hiring Specialist and Owner of HireWithEase.  Now it’s time to decide which of those applicants you want to spend time interviewing.  Will that be determined by experience, certification or behaviors and attitudes? How can you assure caregiver quality? 

Leading Home Care has the answer, become a member of the Caregiver Quality Assurance® program and use the assessment dashboard to help you determine an applicant’s job fit, reasoning skills, behaviors and job engagement.  You’ll have access to several benchmarked job titles along with a training and coaching report to help you understand how to best on-board each applicant.  After all, you want to understand their strengths, and weaknesses, in order to find the best fit for them within your company.  Using the assessments can make a difference in how you recruit, select, train and retain your caregivers. 

The assessments serve three purposes: 1) to help you determine which applicants are the best job fit and have a caring attitude; 2) allow you to successfully match caregivers with clients so that both are happy; and 3) improve caregiver retention because you now know how to best mentor and reward them.

We want to help you improve every aspect of your recruiting and selection process so that you and your team can spend more time focusing on your clients and growing your business. We’ve also partnered with Tammi DeVille to bring another dimension to the hiring process.  Her informational videos and ‘Get Me Started’ package can help you improve your recruiting process.  Then, you can use the assessments to select candidates that meet your job needs.  The last step in the process requires great interview skills and asking the right questions. 

We hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity and let us help you recruit, select, train and retain your ideal staff.   Review the HireWithEase resources and request a free demo of the assessments, then give us a call to discuss your recruiting and selection process, 502-339-0653.

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