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Leading Home Care Network membership passes 8,500

by Stephen Tweed

This month, the membership in our Leading Home Care Network discussion group on Linked In passed 8,500.  We are delighted that so many home care professional have chosen to join this group.

Leading Home Care Network is a close group. To become a member, you must request to join.  Only current employees of a home health agency, hospice,  private duty home care company, or related business serving Linked-In-Logothe elderly or disabled.  We also invite our Resource Partners to join and engage in conversation in the group.

We do not allow vendors, recruiters, or individuals not related to home care or hospice.  We also enforce postings being in the right category.  If a post is a promotion, it will be in the promotion tab, and a posting that is related to recruiting will be in the Job tab.  That means that all postings on the main page are either questions for discussion, or articles of interest to our members.

Some of the hot topics currently being discussed are:

  • Would anyone care to share their cost of labor, including caregivers and office staff, and is there an industry standard?
  • One of our caregivers just left for Africa. Now our clients are calling concerned about Ebola. What steps are recommended when she returns?
  • Are complainers costing you money and draining your resources?
  • What have owners found as the most effective way to raise capital?
  • What tools do you use to grow your home care business?
  • Can anyone share insights on how non-medical in-home care providers qualify for payments from LTC insurance?

To participate these and other discussions, become a member of the Leading Home Care Network on Linked In.


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