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Ten Steps to Starting Your Private Duty Home Care business

By Stephen Tweed

For the past ten years, Private Duty Home Care, or private pay, non-medical home care, has been the fastest growing segment of health care in America.  There are over 20,000 companies serving clients today, and we get about ten calls a week from individuals wanting to start into the business.

If you are one of those folks who is thinking about starting a home care business, you really need to do your homework.  While this is an easy business to get into, it is not an easy business to succeed in.  The barriers to entry are low, but the barriers to long term success get higher and higher every year.

To help you begin the process of starting a home care business, we have developed a ten step process. Here are the ten steps:Startup Guide Cover

  1. Determine the method of your startup
  2. Create a business entity and meet licensing requirements
  3. Develop your policies and procedures
  4. Set up your financial systems
  5. Recruit and hire office staff
  6. Develop a recruitment and retention plan for caregivers
  7. Set up your office
  8. Set up scheduling, billing, and time keeping systems
  9. Develop your sales and marketing plan
  10. Measure the success of your business

There’s a lot that goes into each of these ten steps.  We have created a white paper that gives you the details of each step, and that guides you to additional resources you will need for a successful startup.

While this is a very exciting business that can be highly profitable, it is also a lot of hard work mixed with frustration and sleepless nights.  Take a few minutes to get a dose of reality before you just in. Download the Ten Steps to Starting Your Private Duty Home Care Business, free from The Academy for Private Duty Home Care.

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