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Participate in a Survey for the Upcoming Book “Manager’s Handbook of High Performance”

Last week we had an awesome webinar with our friend and colleague, Linda Swindling, JD, CSP.  She talked about how to stop complainers in your office so they stop draining the energy and resources from your company, based on her book “Stop Complainers and Energy Drainers”.  During our discussion and the Q&A, Linda mentioned that she is currently collecting data for her next book: “Manager’s Handbook for High Performance”.  Linda would really love everyone’s input for the survey and has offered an early report for those that participate.

Here’s a quick video from Linda about the survey and book:

Here is the link to the survey:

Please take a few minutes to take the survey and help Linda collect the data for her book.  The survey closes on August 31, 2014, so be sure to complete it by then.

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