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Surprising amount of time and money spent by family caregivers each year

8389562_xlThis week an article was published in USA Today “A third of family caregivers spend over $10K a year” by Nancy Hellmich and discusses a new survey conducted on that has some interesting results from 1,345 respondents that you should probably take note of as a private duty or home care company.  The survey revealed that about a third of family caregivers are spending 30 hours a week on caregiving tasks and about $10,000 per year on other caregiving expenses.  The most significant findings in terms of marketing your home care company are:

“About half of the caregivers in the survey are retired; 39% are working full time, part time or are self-employed. Of those who are working, 60% say their duties have had a negative impact on their jobs; 17% say they have had to miss a significant amount of work because of those caregiving duties.”

This is significant because the 39% that are working and saying that the caregiving duties at home are having a negative impact on their job are the exact people you need to be marketing your services to in order to help solve their problems and alleviate that element of stress.  At Leading Home Care we always stress how important it is for you to focus on the family decision maker (usually the oldest daughter) and how you can help them by asking about Mom and/or Dad, listening to her concerns, and showing her how you can help her relieve those caregiving stresses.

There are some other interesting findings from this survey.  They are outlined in the full article, so take a look and think about ways to implement those findings into your marketing strategy.

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