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Top Performing Owners Benchmarking Survey

What are the behavioral styles and problem solving strengths of top performing owners of private duty home care companies?

At Leading Home Care and Caregiver Quality Assurance, we are very excited to be working with PeopleClues on an important project to help answer this question.  We are working together with PeopleClues to help them create a success benchmark for home care owners which will help to ensure individuals closely match the culture and specific talents necessary to be successful in this role. In this study, we want to look at the behavioral styles and cognitive abilities of home care company owners. Then we want to analyze the data to look at the styles and abilities of the highest performing owners.

If you’re willing to take a very short 5-question survey and then complete a 20-minute assessment we will give you a copy of the results of our study.  Your individual assessment results will be available only to PeopleClues.

It is CRITICAL that you not begin the assessment until you know you will have 20 minutes of uninterrupted time, because you can’t start and stop the process once you begin.

We greatly appreciate your help with this important project!


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