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Avoid Denials by Filing Timely Insurance Claims

solgrp-120x240-bannerAfter last week’s post with answers to common insurance questions, we received a number of questions about claims and filing claims.  So, we followed up with David at The Solutions Group and here’s some great information on filing insurance claims, no matter what type of claim arises.

The rule in insurance is that if you think a situation might result in a claim, report it to your insurer or broker. If there is a situation but you don’t think it will result in a claim, document your reasons for not reporting it and have that documentation available in case the situation changes.

Why is this important? Because most insurance policies have language similar to the following:

Policy Wording






If we give an insurance company and easy way to avoid covering a claim, often they will take it. We want to avoid giving them an easy way out.

As always, if you have questions about insurance or claims, do not hesitate to send them to us or contact David at The Solutions Group.

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