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More Ways to Automate Your Business

Last week we discussed why should you use technology to automate as many processes as possible within your business.  This week we want to give you another process to automate using telephony, which is the ability for employees and caregivers to clock-in and clock-out, even if they’re working remotely, using a telephone and internet integrated system.  The bottom line is that the more processes you can automate, the more time you and your people have to focus on tasks that require more time and energy.

There are four reasons that you should be using a telephony system in your company:

  1. Accountability. Your caregivers and employees know that they have to show up and be on time because it’s an automated system, not a manual time card.
  2. Data is transmitted in real-time so you can avoid the Monday morning catch-up or end of billing cycle nightmares.
  3. Great selling tool because clients receive fairness in billing, there’s quality control because of accountability, and it also protects your caregivers.
  4. Easy evaluation tool for you because you can document showing up late, leaving early, or not showing up at all.

phone-works-250x208If you are looking for a telephony system to use in your business, we recommend PATTI by The Phone Works.  As you know, we partner with companies because we trust the people and their product, and Hank Schwab and The Phone Works meet both of those criteria without question.  PATTI is “personnel attendance and tracking by telephone and internet”.  This telephony system will save you and your employees time, labor, money, and paperwork…four things we could all use in our businesses.

PATTI is customizable, scalable, and easily integrates with existing IT infrastructure. It is engineered to be simple to use and maintain, with virtually no training and no phone lines or “back office” databases, software, hardware, power and air conditioning to maintain!

If you are looking for a way to automate time and attendance tracking or are looking for a new telephony system, we recommend you talk to the people at The Phone Works and learn more about PATTI.  And let them know we sent you!

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