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Last Week to Participate in the Private Duty Benchmarking Study!

2015_Private-Duty-CoverAs you know by now, we are happy to work with Home Care Pulse every year on the Private Duty Benchmarking Study.  We know how valuable the information published in the Study is to each and every home care company and we don’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to participate and also receive a huge discount on your own copy of the study.  This year’s survey will close on February 28th.

I received the following email from Aaron Marcum at Home Care Pulse, this week and we want to pass it along so you have the information to participate before the survey closes for the year:

“Hi Jill,

“There are two things that are always on my desk when I’m in the office, and in my brief case when I’m traveling: my laptop computer, and a copy of the Private Duty Benchmarking Study from Home Care Pulse. The benchmarking study is one of the most valuable resources in our industry and I use my copy every day.” – Stephen Tweed, Leading Home Care

The online survey for the 2015 Private Duty Benchmarking Study closes this weekend, making this the last week to participate and pre-order a digital download of the study for only $149 (50% off). You can visit today to participate by February 28th and take advantage of this incredible discount.

Please take the time to participate in this industry-shaping study. It truly is one of the greatest ways to understand how your business is doing, and identify potential opportunities for your growth. If you have any questions, please email or call 877.307.8573.

Best Regards,
Aaron Marcum
Founder & CEO”

Some of you may think that it’s too much work to pull your information together and participate in the survey, but trust us, it is worth it for you to take the time to do it.  If not for the mere fact that you’ll be able to compare your data for 2014 to the rest of the industry, but it’s also a good business practice to keep track of this type of information from year to year so you can compare the data within your own company.  If you don’t know where you stand – within the industry or from year to year – how do you know what you need to do to grow your company and compete with your competitors?

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