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Turning Home Care Workers Comp on its Head

By Stephen Tweed

How would you like to save enough on your Workers Compensation insurance to pay for the use of your scheduling software?  That’s the promise made by private duty software company ClearCare as they introduce a totally new concept in workers compensation insurance for their software users.

I’m writing to you today from the Home Care Association of America annual conference in Washington DC, and yesterday I had the

Geoff Nudd, CEO, with Stephen Tweed and Ed Van Siclen

Geoff Nudd, CEO, with Stephen Tweed and Ed Van Siclen

opportunity to visit the Exhibit Booth of ClearCare, our newest Resource Partner.  I sat down with Geoff Nudd, the Founder and CEO of Clear Care, and Ed Van Siclen, the head of Sales and Business Development.

Geoff explained to me the premise of this totally new concept called “WorkSafe”.  Using 40 new features of their software program, WorkSafe reinforces behaviors on the part of caregivers that reduce risk and workplace injuries.  For example, the telephony system will ask each caregiver at the end of the shift, “Did you have a safe shift today?”  Yes or No.  If the caregiver answers No, the system will trigger a follow up call form a nurse case manager.

Another one of the 40 elements is a caregiver matching system.  If a client needs a caregiver who can safely operate a Hoyer Lift, the system will find all of the caregivers who have up to date training on lifting.  The system also sends automatic training reminders to caregivers.

Best In Class Risk Rating

As caregivers demonstrate safe work practices, the data captured in ClearCare enables the insurance company to give the home care company a “Best In Class Risk” rating, which comes with big discounts on your insurance premiums.  ClearCare Online Insurance Solutions, the new subsidiary set up to offer this insurance coverage, reached out to dozens of workers comp insurers to bid on being part of this program.  Four major insurers are participating in this program that is licensed in 46 states.

According to Ed Van Siclen, “Every quote we have received for a customer has generated enough savings to pay for the use of ClearCare.”

The application of these 40 features added to the software is free to users who purchase their workers comp insurance through ClearCare Online Insurance Solutions.  “
Disruptive Technology turns Insurance Upside Down

“This new program turns the 400 year old insurance industry on its head,” says Geoff Nudd, CEO of Clear Care. “Not much has changed since Lloyds of London started insuring ships 400 years ago.” 

At Leading Home Care, we have been watching technology closely, and talking regularly with our three software Resource Partners about how they are applying new innovations.  This is one of those new disruptive technologies that will create new opportunities for home care companies to save money, improve workplace safety for caregivers, and provide more reliable care to clients.

How to Sign Up

To sign up for this workers compensation insurance plan, users of ClearCare software are asked to notify the company 90 days before the Clear Care Logoexpiration date of their current insurance.  You can then get a quote and compare it to your current rates.  “Fifty Percent of our current customers have provided their renewal dates,” says Van Siclen.

To learn how you can save enough on your insurance to pay for your software,  call ClearCare Online Insurance Solutions at 877-829-9447, or visit

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