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Be Clear About Your Vision

By Stephen Tweed

He began as an analyst for a consulting division of Deloitte and Touche.  He worked for seven years in online marketing for Warner Brothers.  Then he spent seven years as ExecutJeff Weiner LInkedINive Vice President at  He serves on the Boards of Directors of four not-for-profit charitable organizations.  He’s Jeff Weiner, the President and CEO of LinkedIn.  Since joining the company in 2009, he has led the network to 364 million registered users with offices in 30 countries and more than 9,200 employees.

Yesterday, Elizabeth forwarded a copy of an article she received from about “LinkedIN CEO Jeff Weiner Describes 3 Qualities That Make a Great Leader.”  I was interested in the article for two reasons;  I’m a fan of LinkedIN, and I love learning from OPE – Other People’s Experience.

Three Qualities That Make A Great Leader

According to Weiner, there are three functions of an inspirational leader:

  1. They are clear about their company’s vision.  “LinkedIn employees know the company strives to enhance the productivity and economic opportunity of everyone in the world, pushing them to constantly reach more people.”
  2. They are brave.  “If you have true vision and you want to try something that hasn’t been done before, there’s gonna be a lot of naysayers. There’s going to be people who feel threatened and try to get in your way.
  3. They are effective communicators.  “The role of the chief executive requires a constant awareness of how you are communicating your vision and conviction to the rest of the company.”

This article resonated with because of the work we are doing at Leading Home Care on Strategic Focus.  Strategic Focus is Vision + Strategy + Talent.

Lessons from the Top 10% in Home Care

The article also resonated because of the lessons we have learned from the $5 Million Mastermind Group in home care.  In studying the companies in the top 10% of home care, we identified five lessons:

  1. Have a Huge Vision
  2. Be a Systems Thinker
  3. Try Lots of New Things
  4. There is a Season for Everything
  5. Hire a COO
  6. Measure Everything

If you are the CEO of a company in the top 10% of home care, or you want to be in the top 10%, then you are a constant learner.  And constant learners learn from OPE – Other People’s Experience.  Whether it is through reading books or articles, listening to PODcasts, watching TED Talks, or attending live conferences, learning from OPE is an important part of your development as a leader.

You can learn from OPE by becoming a Member of The Home Care CEO Forum – formerly known as The Academy for Private Duty Home Care. As a member of the CEO Forum, you’ll have access to CEO Round Tables, Private Duty Field Trips, and Home Care Mastermind Groups.  If you are serious about being a top tier leader in home care, you’ll want to connect with other CEOs through The Home Care CEO Forum.

Stay tuned for the launch of this new membership network where we will connect top tier CEOs.


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