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Download Your Marketing Guide for Home Care Agencies

Are you ready to take your home care agency to the next level? Whether you’ve owned a home care agency for decades or you’re opening your doors next week, you can position your business for success by developing a marketing plan that will consistently bolster your customer base. By focusing on reputation, referrals, and online marketing, you’ll build a strong business with a foundation in excellence and customer service.

Refining your Reputation

The first step to successful home care marketing is providing a quality service. If you’re consistently focused on offering the best possible care for your clients and their families, you’ll soon find that a portion of your marketing activities will take care of themselves. Once you are established as your region’s premier provider of home care  you’ll find that clients will actively search for you!

Recruiting Referrals

A positive reputation for exceptional customer service helps the referrals roll in. When choosing a home care agency, most potential clients spend little time focusing on traditional marketing materials, such as web advertising, pamphlets, and posters. Instead, they look for others who have had positive experiences with home care agencies. Family members want to place their loved ones in capable and compassionate hands, so they are much more likely to listen to friends they trust than informational literature produced by your organization.

Optimizing your Online Presence

Even though you’ll likely receive most of your clients from referrals, a strong online presence is still crucial if you want to turn those referrals into loyal clients. Although your potential clients may not be well versed in using the Internet themselves, their children or family members will probably Google your business’ name as soon as they hear it from their trusted friend or family member. A well designed website with plenty of educational resources is a sign of professionalism. If clients’ children or family members find your site to be easy to use and informative, you’ll gain their respect and trust from the beginning.

A successful home care business is built on a solid foundation of excellent care and strategic marketing. If you are hoping to increase your client base and boost your revenue, a streamlined and diverse marketing plan is a positive first step. HomeTrak understand the fundamentals of successful home care marketing and management. If you’re looking for more information about how to help your business grow, check out our complete home care marketing guide.


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