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2016 Home Care Benchmarking Survey Now Open!

HCPLogo_Empowering ExcellenceWe received official word from Aaron Marcum at Home Care Pulse that the survey for the 2016 Home Care Benchmarking Study is now open.

In the email, Aaron mentioned a few special rewards you will receive if you finish the survey by February 15th:

  • 2016 Study Discount: A $200 discount on your pre-order of the 2016 Study, bringing the price to only $99.
  • Caregiver Retention Regional Report: Home Care Pulse’s detailed report on caregiver retention broken down by region.
  • Companionship Exemption Findings Report: A summary of the findings from the Home Care Pulse survey on providers’ reactions and plans of action after the Companionship Exemption ruling.

Start the survey today, or prepare to complete it by February 15th by downloading the Prep Worksheet now.

As you know by now, we have been working with Home Care Pulse for a number of years to spread the word about the benchmarking study because we want everyone to participate in order to bring accurate data and information to the entire industry.  And…there is great value in knowing where your company stands against your competition and also in relation to the leading companies that are where you want to be.  You can’t learn and grow unless you know where you stand!

So go now! Don’t wait!

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