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Six Secrets of Selling Private Duty Home Care

It’s been a while since we’ve written to you about serving more clients.  With the huge push to recruit and retain caregivers, many agency CEOs have eased off on their marketing push and refocused on finding caregivers.  Certainly understandable.

One big challenge with backing off on sales and marketing is losing your agency’s momentum.  As we work with home care companies in the Top 10% or the Top 5% of the industry, one thing we see that helps them grow is momentum.   If you are growing, you’ve got to keep your momentum going.

Strengthen Relationships with Referral Sources

According to the 2016 Home Care Benchmarking Report from Home Care Pulse, the number one growth opportunity for your company is to “Strengthen Relationships with Referral Sources.”

How do you do that?

The data show that the number one way to strengthen those relationships is with one-on-one sales calls to the referral source in their office.  Since the beginning of the industry benchmarking process in 2009, direct sales calls to referral sources has been the number one growth strategy.

The other thing we have observed consistently over those years is that fast growing companies have a CEO who is actively involved in the sales and marketing process.  When the CEO is actively involved, the company grows much more quickly than when the CEO takes a back office role and hires someone else to do sales and marketing.

Develop Your Own Personal Selling Skills

If you are the CEO of a home care company, how are your sales skills?  Oh sure, you have some sales ability or your company would not have grown to the size it is today.  But what if you are stuck.  In our industry there is a “Growth Ceiling” at about 1,500 hours per week.  Many many companies get stuck at that level and just can’t seem to get past it.

If you want to grow your business, and you want to keep the momentum going, then take some time to continuously improve your own selling skills.  One way to do that is with our eBooks.  There are two to choose from.

Apply the Six Secrets of Selling Private Duty Home Care  Six Secrets Cover

This powerful eBook will help you focus on six specific things you can do to open doors, develop relationships, and create a flow of referrals. It begins with secret #1 – Find the Right Prospects.  All of our data on sales and marketing show us that understanding referral sources and finding the right prospects are key to your business growth.  This book will show you specifically how to use your own data, information, knowledge, and wisdom to find the very best referral sources for your company.

Order Your Copy Today.

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Increase Your Income Selling to Bank Trust OfficersTrust-Officers-Book-cover-old

Years ago, we uncovered the opportunity to increase your income by selling your home care services to Bank Trust Officers.  Our data show that a significant % of 24 hour cases come from trust officers and other trusted advisors.  While many leaders in the industry, and other sales and marketing consultants, have jumped on this strategy, We’re still amazed at how few companies actually tap this lucrative source of business.

If you want to increase the number of 24 hour cases and long-hour cases, and therefore grow your revenue per client, you’ll want to take a look at this eBook.  Written by Stephen Tweed, and former banker Mike Sullivan, this book will pay itself in the first week of you follow the guidelines and apply the principles.

Get your Copy Today. 

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