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Happy Birthday HomeTrak!

By Jill Scott

While reading HomeTrak’s blog this week, we learned that it’s their 15th birthday this month! What better way to help celebrate than to write about them.

HomeTrak Happy 15th Birthday!For those that don’t know, HomeTrak is a home care software solution that automates caregiver scheduling, streamlines payroll and billing (including the recent mandates from the Dept. of Labor), eliminates timesheets, and more.  Oh, and you can do most of it from your mobile device!

We all know how valuable every employee’s time is – from the CEO to the potential caregiver – and HomeTrak does a great job of simplifying and automating a number of your daily operations so you can focus on the important things, like serving clients and providing a great workplace, instead of a pile of paperwork.  To that end, HomeTrak has also added a web-based hiring system, called HireWise, that helps track applications and conduct interviews.  Having all of these features on one platform that’s also mobile-ready can be a great addition to your company and using HireWise can potentially help you solve a caregiver recruiting crisis that so many home care companies are feeling right now.

In honor of the great long-standing relationship we have with HomeTrak and its 15th birthday, we did a short interview with one of HomeTrak’s founders, Rick Morey, and here’s what he had to say:

  1. Which feature of HomeTrak do you feel is the biggest factor in people choosing HomeTrak over your competition?

Our scheduling system – it is easy to use and extremely flexible. We have an excellent suggestion system that makes is very easy to match up the best caregiver for a client. With our texting features, scheduling and shift reminders can be automated. I would guess that as much as 85% of the use of software involves scheduling.

  1. What do you think has been the biggest change in home care since starting HomeTrak (or even since owning Home Care USA)?

Honestly, I don’t think there has been a big change in how home care functions on a day-to-day basis. The fundamentals remain the same. The big difference today is the increase in competition is enormous, which makes it much more difficult to succeed in today’s environment.

The introduction of technology has been significant, as it has allowed home care to be done more efficiently. However, overall operations such as finding qualified caregivers and developing personal referral sources – all of that is the same. It still all comes back to having good caregivers, office staff, and marketing people.

  1. As the owner of a home care company before forming HomeTrak, what advice would you give to owners today to grow their businesses?

The key to growing a home care business is marketing and sales. Operations are challenging and require a sustained effort, but the key is marketing and sales. Companies need to figure out how to expand their territory, because if you’re in one particular area it’s really hard to grow past a certain point. Cover as large an area as you can. In our case, at Home Care USA, we figured this out right away. We also figured out we didn’t need multiple offices in order to accomplish that. We were able to handle a vast territory in Southern California – Palm Springs, San Bernardino, Riverside, and San Diego – out of one office. This allowed us to cover a huge geographic area in an efficient way. We stationed a field supervisor and a marketing person in each area. We wanted them to be out and about, making connections and hiring caregivers, and not in an office anyway. We were billing $6,000,000 annually within eight years.

  1. How do you see technology changing over next few years, and how will it affect home care CEOs?

I see the use of smart technology like cell phones and tablets becoming much more mainstream.  CEOs will need to be willing to embrace this technology and utilize it so that their offices can react more quickly to problems, reduce paperwork, and streamline office functions.

Recruiting Caregivers Image for WebsiteWe have had a wonderful relationship with Rick and his team at HomeTrak over the years and we are honored to call them a Resource Partner. We believe in the people and the product and know that it delivers what it promises.

If you haven’t already, we suggest you download the Research Report we wrote with HomeTrak “Recruiting and Retaining Caregivers”.

Schedule a HomeTrak Demo today to learn more about what HomeTrak can do for your and your home care company….tell them we sent you!

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