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HCAOA to Learn about DNA of A CEO

By Stephen Tweed  HCAOA

What is the leadership Style of a CEO in a top tier home care company?

What are the motivators that drive CEOs in top tier companies?

What are the core leadership competencies of a high performing CEO?

These are the questions we will be discussing next Monday in Anaheim CA when the Home Care Association of America gathers for their annual leadership conference.  I’ll be there to report on the preliminary results of the 2016 Home Care CEO Leadership Study being conducted by Leading Home Care. HCAOA is one of the co-sponsors of this research.

In this study, we are asking CEOs of top tier home health agencies and private pay home care companies to complete an online leadership assessment. Then we will be analyzing the data to see what we can learn about behavioral styles, workplace motivators, and core leadership competencies of these CEOs.

Our goals:

  • 100 CEOs from for-profit home health agencies
  • 100 CEOs from not-for-profit home health agencies
  • 100 CEOs from private pay home care companies.

We are also gathering assessments on home care COOs.

At the HCAOA conference, I’ll present a report on the preliminary results of this industry-leading research.  We are about 60% of the way to our goals, and I’m excited to see the early results.

What the Survey Measures  Home Care CEO Study - three sciences

The assessment tool we are using is called the TriMetrix DNA.  It’s a proven leadership assessment tool we have been using for many years in our executive coaching, executive team building, and leadership selection.  The tool measures three sciences:

  • Behavior
  • Workplace Motivators
  • Leadership Competencies

No other assessment tools measures all three of these elements, so this provides a unique look at the characteristics of these high performing leaders.

Join us in Anaheim

If you will be at the HCAOA conference, please join us on Monday, September 26, 2016 from 1:45 to 3:15 for DNA of a CEO.  This will be an interactive look at the outcomes of this study, and how you can apply this information personally and professionally.

If you plan to attend the session, please take a few minutes to complete the online assessment. Set aside about 30 minutes of uninterrupted time, and then click on this link:

HCAOA Home Care CEO Study

Can’t Make it Anaheim?

Take the survey anyway.  If you are the Owner or CEO of a home care company generating $2 million or more in annual revenue, we’d love to have you take the assessment.  As soon as you complete it, you will receive by email your own personal leadership report.  When the research is completed, we’ll also send a copy of the final research report.

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