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A New Digital Disruptor Enters the Home Care Marketplace

By Stephen Tweed

Last week, I received an email from my long time friend and Resource Partner, David Dickie, at The Solutions Group.  David is our most recommended insurance broker for home care companies.  If you need help with liability insurance or workers compensation insurance, contact David.

David introduced me to Igor Lebovic, the CEO and Founder of Kindly Care.  Kindly Care is a new App Based home care provider in the San Francisco Bay area.  kindly-care

Igor and I had a long conversation as he described his vision for Kindly Care, and what makes his company different from the other digital home care companies, Honor, Home Team, and Home Hero.  Kindly Care sets up the family as the employer of record, so that the caregiver/employee is eligible for unemployment, workers compensation insurance, Medicare, and Social Security.  It eliminates the challenges for caregivers who work the “Gray Market” and are paid in cash under the table.

Families use Kindly Care’s free online and smartphone apps to schedule caregivers’ shifts and compile checklists for them. Caregivers, meanwhile, use the apps to record shift notes, keep track of their time sheets and communicate with families or other caregivers about the seniors they care for.

Kindly Care has a unique process of vetting its caregivers.  Each caregiver makes an introductory video families can watch before contacting and hiring them, Igor said. The vetting process is “very expensive,” but Kindly Care’s services still end up being significantly cheaper than those from agencies.

“With our caregivers, you save between 40% and 50% from a caregiver coming from an agency,” Lebovic explained. “And we ensure there’s experience, safety and compliance.”

Currently, Kindly Care serves all of the major California markets and is moving into Dallas, TX. The company is actively recruiting caregivers in all of the major geographic areas in Texas.

Kindly Care’s $3.1 million in funding comes from MHS Capital, along with Jackson Square Ventures and Floodgate. Igor said Kindly Care plans to use the funds to grow its suite of services and tools.

Strategies and Insights to Grow Your Home Care Business

As the home care marketplace becomes more and more competitive, you need to be thinking about how you will grow your business and get ready for the future.  There are a couple of opportunities coming your way from the Home Care CEO Forum:

Home Care Field Trip:  Join us for a one-day visit to one of the country’s top tier home care companies.  The CEO and COO will show you in detail how they have grown their company to be in the top 10%, and how they are dealing with the challenges of running a highly successful home care company.  Our next Field Trip will be in St. Louis, MO on November 9 and 10, 2016.  The Field Trip is limited to 14 individuals.  No one may attend who competes with the host company, or who competes with anyone else in the group.

Home Care Mastermind Groups:  Perhaps the most significant thing we have done for home care leaders is the formation of Home Care Mastermind Groups.  These are small groups of ten companies who come together twice a year to share ideas, solve problems and support one another.  There is no better way to connect with other top tier home care leaders than to be a member of a Mastermind Group.

We have space available in the Strategic Growth Group and in the Top 10% Group. The Strategic Growth Group is for private pay home care companies that generate between $1.5 and $3 million in revenue annually. The Top 10% Group are companies between $3.5 and $7 million annually.  Click Mastermind Groups for more information.

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