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Why No One Wants to Join Your Club

By Stephen Tweed

A few minutes ago I was working on Linked In to connect with some home care leaders in the UK.  Before closing it out, I scanned my news feed and came across an interesting article by a friend of mine who is a professional speaker, author, and leadership expert in Jacksonville, FL.  Richard Hadden wrote about “Why No One Wants to “Join” Your Organization”.  He talks about the closing of a long tradition private club in his city.

The article brought back memories of my early days in corporate management when we belonged to a “city club” and a “country club”.  Those were the places where business leaders gathered.  Richard’s article shed some new light on why people don’t join organizations like they used to, and how that affects our ability as leaders to attract and retain top talent.

Here are a couple of key points that are relevant to our roles as leaders in home care:

  • “Worry a whole lot  more about being a leader of choice, than making your organization an employer of choice”.
  • Ask,  “What’s it like to work here now?  Does working here provide more value than a paycheck?”
  • “Never Stop Recruiting.”
  • “Build a community, not just a workplace.”

These words of wisdom are important for any leader in any organization.  They are especially important to leaders in home care.  Read Richard’s Article.  Then let’s discuss.

How can you apply these ideas in your agency?

What does it take to be a “Leader of Choice?”

Learn more about some of these principles as we complete the 2016 Home Health CEO Leadership Study.  If you are a CEO, and you have not completed the study, you still have time.


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