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Most Read Articles of 2016

The year 2016 was a most interesting one for leaders in home care and hospice.  The combination of a Presidential election, significant changes in regulations, and the Digital Disruptors reshaping our industry are creating lots of interest.  We we look back on the year, we can measure the interest in industry trends by looking at the newsletter articles that were most read by our clients, customers, mastermind members, and newsletter subscribers.  Here’s our Top Ten List:

10. Digital Disruptor Honor Raises another $42 million    Honor Logo

9.  Explore the DNA of A CEO

8.  White House Releases New Rule on Overtime for Office Staff

7.  Conquering the Caregiver Recruiting Crisis

6. Honor’s General Manager for Los Angeles Talks Caregiver Recruiting and Retention  

HomeHero logo

5.  DNA of A Home Care CEO

4. Creating Preferred Provider Agreements with Hospitals Generates Referrals

3.  New Field Trip Location – Come Check It Out

2. What the Election of Donald Trump Means for Home Care    

and …. drum roll please …

  1.  Who’s Disrupting the Home Care Space?

What does this list tell you about what’s important to home care leaders?  What do these trends suggest for 2017?

We’d love your thoughts on this.


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