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Our GOD is a Big God

By Stephen Tweed

How big is your God?  

That was the question we were asked last spring during our annual SoulJourners trip. SoulJourners is a group of three couples that have traveled around the world together for the past 17 years.  We call it “Intentional Travel.”  We pick a destination, plan our trip, and then plan our study.  We set aside time during our trip to have in-depth conversation about a topic that we have studied prior to the trip.

Naomi Rhode from Phoenix, Arizona is our “Spiritual Director”, and she plans the study.  She gives us a book to read or a person to study.

For our April, 2016 trip to Lake George, NY, Carol Bonura reached out to Carol BonuRA bOOKhalf a dozen people and asked, “How Big is your God?” She asked these friends to share a short story about a time in their life when GOD made a difference.  We were amazed as Carol shared these short stories.  Someone in our group said, “That’s a book, Carol. You ought to collect more stories like this and write a book.”

So she did.

Our God is a BIG GOD is a wonderful paperback book that is coming out today.  It is a collection of these short stories about how GOD had been present in the lives of the authors.

How has GOD Showed up in your life?  What’s your story?

Many of you know my story about how GOD has been present in our lives.  My son Jason was born in 1970 with a rare neuromuscular disease called Werdnig-Hoffman Dissease.  His doctor told us … “Your son will probably live to be three or four. Take him home and love him.”

Well, we did what the doctor ordered. We took him home and loved him. And we prayed a lot.  And it worked. Today, Jason is 46 years old, is married, owns his own home, has twins that are 14, and owns his own business, MediaStead.  Many of you know Jason because he helped us start Leading Home Care and worked with us for ten years before leaving to start his own business. He’s now building web sites and doing digital marketing for home care companies around the country, as well as many local businesses near his home in central PA.Carol bonuar book cover

Our God is a BIG GOD.  

How about you?  What’s your story?

You can read Jason’s story and many others by people who have been blessed by GOD.

Order your copy today on Amazon.

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