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Join Stephen Tweed for the Home Care Business Builder Workshop

What is your vision for the future of your private pay home care business?

If you could wave your magic wand, what will your company look like five years from now?

What will you do to get there?

Private Pay non-medical Home Care is the fastest growing segment of health care in America.  There are over 26,000 companies providing care to millions of elderly and disabled persons.  If you own or operate a private pay home care company or provide Medicaid Waiver personal care, you know the challenges and barriers to growing your business.

Now, you can spend a full day with one of our country’s leading experts on “Private Duty Home Care”. Stephen Tweed has spent the last three decades working with owners and CEOs of private pay personal home care agencies who want to grow their business and get ready for the future.  He’s the Founder of the Home Care CEO Forum, and works closely with over two dozen companies in the Top 10% of the industry.  He has identified Ten Trends that are shaping the future of home care, and he has developed a Seven Step Process for growing a top tier home care company

Vision + Strategy + Talent =

Exceptional Performance in Home Care

In this interactive one-day workshop, Stephen Tweed will guide you through seven proven steps to take your home care company to the level you want.  He’ll help you see a possible and desirable future. He’ll show you how to develop a focused, workable strategy to achieve your vision. And he’ll demonstrate how to attract and retain the top talent you need to execute with excellence.


As a result of participating in this workshop, you will be able to …

  1. Describe the major trends shaping the future of private pay home care in America
  2. Define a clear vision for  the future of your agency
  3. Apply seven proven steps to grow the company you want.
  4. Develop a Strategic Scorecard to measure the performance of your company.
  • Vision – What do you want your business to look like in five years? One of the major lessons from the Top 5% Companies in private pay home care is “have a huge vision.”
  • Values – What are the core values that guide you actions and decisions. Values are the core of your Company Culture, and culture is key to growing a successful company and attracting top talent.
  • Distinction – What makes your company different from your competitors?  With 26,000 other companies doing what you do, how will you create competitive advantage in your local marketplace.  We’ll explore the Seven Sources of Competitive Advantage in Home Care.
  • Purpose – Why do you do what you do?  Explore The Four Big Why’s of Home Care.  People want to work in a company that is doing meaningful work and making a difference in the lives of their clients and their employees.
  • People – Getting the right people on the bus, and in the right seats on the bus, is critical to your long term success.  Leaders in the Top 5% of our industry have learned how to hire ahead of the curve, and how to select the best people for key roles in your company.
  • Processes – The key to your success is repetition and consistency.  We have identified the Twelve Proven Processes that highly effective home care companies put in place to automate their offices, improve efficiency in operations, and assure consistent performance.
  • Performance – How do you measure the success of your business.  We’ll help you define your Key Performance Indicators, and create a Private Pay Strategic Scorecard to measure your company’s results.

This is a highly interactive workshop. We will each of these seven topics and give you an opportunity for hands-on work, and group discussion. You’ll come away with the first draft of your own business growth strategy.  Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • Present the Topic – Stephen Tweed is an award winning professional speaker who uses stories, examples, and illustrations to present each topic.  
  • Provide Examples – Stephen will give you specific examples from other home care companies in the top tier of our business.  In Home Care, the Top 10% are companies generating more than $5 million annual revenue.  Members of our Top 5% group generate between $7 million and $40 million.  You will learn from the leaders in the industry.
  • Personal Work using a Provided Tool – For each topic, you’ll have a worksheet to create your own action plan.
  • Round Table Discussion – After each topic is presented and you do your personal work, you’ll discuss the topic and  your worksheet with the other home care owners and leaders at your table.
  • Debriefing of Table Talk – We’ll go around the room and gather insights from other tables.

Each participant will receive a workbook with all of the tools and forms you’ll need to develop your business growth strategy. You’ll also receive a copy of the slides used in Stephen’s presentation so you can make notes and develop your own follow up action steps.

Our Next Business  Builder Workshop

Join Stephen In Philadelphia PA on March 14, 2019



The next Home Care Business Builder Workshop will be held in Philadelphia, PA and will be hosted by the Pennsylvania Home Care Association.

Radisson Hotel Philadelphia Northeast
2400 Old Lincoln Highway
Trevose, PA 19053
Thursday, March 14, 2019
8:00 am – 4:00 pm

HA Members – $280.00
Non-Members – $560.00

Register Today!


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