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Embracing Life After Loss

By Stephen Tweed 

Thirty three years ago, I attended my very first annual convention of the National Speakers Association.  Being there alone and not knowing anyone, I connected with some other first-timers who also didn’t know anyone.  Several of them have become life-long friends.

One of those first-timers was my friend Allen Klein.  Allen is a “Jollytologist”, humorous speaker, and author of 27 books.  Allen’s most recent book is Embracing Life After Loss: A Gentle Guide to Growing Through Grief, which tells the story of the loss of Allen’s wife at the age of 34.  He was devastated by his loss. He has spent decades living through his loss, learning lessons from his loss, and sharing those lessons with others.

We never forget the people we lose, but we can grow stronger, wiser, and more appreciative of life as we grow forward.  And, you can even laugh again.  Embracing Life will show you how to smile through the difficult times.

A Must Read for Home Care Leaders 

As a leader in home care, this is a book you will want to read to gain a better understanding of your clients who have lost a loved one. It will give you a deeper appreciation for the emotions they are feeling.  This book is a compass for anyone trying to navigate through the dark times by offering hope and resilience.

Allen illustrates five practical steps for recovering from depression caused by grief and loss:

  • Losing
  • Learning
  • Letting Go
  • Living
  • Laughing.

Laughter and humor are God’s gifts to help overcome the trials and tribulations of Embracing Life after Loss.

Give as a Gift for Client’s Losing a Spouse

One of the ways you can use this valuable book is to give copies as a gift to clients and primary family caregivers who have lost a loved one.  It is a wonderful way to offer encouragement and support to a family member.

You can also use this book as a marketing tool when calling on Hospice or Home Health agencies.  It’s a way to open conversation about caring for clients who are facing end-of-life care, or who have a spouse at the end of life.

Order Single Copies, or in Quantity.

Go Online to to order a copy.  If you like it and would like to give copies as gifts, contact Allen to arrange buying copies in bulk. If you are nice to him, he might event sign them for you.


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