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Another Home Care CEO Mastermind Group – The Top 6% Group

by Stephen Tweed 

Success attracts success.

A lesson I learned many years ago is that successful people tend to hang out with other successful people.  That is particularly true in business, and it’s become true in the home care business.  Successful home care agency owners and CEOs want to hang out with other successful home care owners and CEOs.   We began taking advantage of this truth in 2013 when we organized the first Home Care CEO Mastermind Group – our Top 5% Group.  Eight leaders from five home care companies came together for two days in Orlando, Florida in February of that year to share ideas, solve problems, and to support one other.  The people who participated loved the experience and said, “When can we meet again.”  The very first Home Care CEO Mastermind Group was born.

Today, that group consists of thirteen companies from across the USA who provide between 7,000 and 40,000 hours of in-home personal care per week.  That’s right … these member companies generate between $7 million and $40 million in annual revenue.

The Top 5% Group has been such a value to our members that we organized three other groups of similar sized, non-competing companies over the next few years:

  • Strategic Growth Group – 2015 – $1.5 million to $3 million
  • Top 10% Group – 2016 – $3 million to $7 million
  • Top 7% Group – 2018 – $5 million to $15 million

The success of these groups, and the Word-of-Mouth buzz they created has caused other large home care companies to come forward and ask to join a Mastermind Group.  Six new companies that are generating more than $10 million in revenue have come forward. Since our Top 7% Group and our Top 5% Group are both full, we have decided to organize a new Home Care CEO Mastermind Group this fall.  The Top 6% Group (That’s a creative name, don’t you think?) will kick off with a video meeting in July, and our first face to face meeting in Stuart, Florida in November.

What About These Group Names? 

What do the names mean? Top 5%? Top 7%? Top 10%?

The groups consist of similar sized companies that do not compete with one another because they serve different geographic markets.  When we started the Top 5% Group, the Home Care Benchmarking Study from Home Care Pulse showed that companies at the 95th percentile by revenue had a median annual revenue of $7,383,000.  The companies in that original group were clustered around that median number.

In 2016 when we started the Top 10% Group, the member companies were clustered around the 90th percentile revenue number which was $4,541,000.  When we started a new group, the members were in between the 90th percentile and the 95th percentile,  so we called them the Top 7% Group.

Now, we have six new companies who fit in between the Top 5% and the Top 7%, so they will be the Top 6% Mastermind Group.

Do You Fit in the Top 6%?

If you are an independently owned company providing in-home personal care and you would like to hang around with other owners of similar sized companies, and if you generate between $10 million and $20 million in annual revenue, then you might consider becoming a member of this newest Home Care CEO Mastermind Group.  The criteria for becoming a member:

  • Fit within the size range for this group 
  • You are not a competitor with another member of the group
  • You agree to participate on a regular basis in two in-person meetings per year, and monthly video meetings
  • You will sign a non-disclosure agreement saying you will not disclose any information shared by other members of the group.

Companies who have expressed an interest in becoming members of this newest Mastermind Group come from the following local markets:

  • Chicago, IL
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Los Altos, CA
  • Maulden, SC
  • Houston, TX
  • Boston, MA
  • Kalispell, MT
  • Seattle, WA
How to Become a Member

The process for joining a Home Care Mastermind Group is quite simple:

  • Attend a video meeting to get acquainted with the other members (The first video meeting is Wednesday, July 17, 2019 at 2:00 pm eastern time)
  • Complete a Member Profile giving us some data about your company
  • Pay 1/2 year’s Dues
  • Attend our first In-Person Meeting in Florida in November 2019 (Dates to be determined by those who attend our first video meeting)

If you fit the criteria for this new group, apply today!

A Few Spaces are Open in our Strategic Growth and Top 10% Mastermind Groups

As we have formed new groups, members of our smaller company groups have moved up.  We now have a few openings in our Strategic Growth Mastermind Group ($1.5 to $3 million) and our Top 10% Group ($3 million to $7 million).  If you fit into one of those groups, and do not compete with a current member, you are invited to Visit our Next Video Meeting.


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