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Office Hours with Stephen Tweed: Marketing in a Post-Covid World

What are the Big Burning Issues facing owners and CEOs of home care companies after the Covid-19 Crisis?

That was the key questions we asked the participants in our Home Care CEO Mastermind Groups during our May 2020 Online Meetings.  At the Home Care CEO Forum, we have four groups of home care leaders that come together on a regular basis to share ideas, solve problems, and support one another. Leaders from 32 home care companies participated in our discussion in May.  The results of our conversation about Big Burning Issues were quite revealing.

During April and May, 2020, we offered a unique discussion called Mastermind Monday, when all of the members of all four Mastermind Groups were invited to one large Zoom call to discuss the current issues of dealing with the Covid Crisis.  The last week of May, we went back to our regular monthly calls where only the members of each unique group participated.  We presented two questions for discussion:

  • What are the short-term impacts of Covid-19 on your business and how are you dealing with them?
  • What are the Big Burning Issues you are facing that you need to address as we move out of the short-term crisis?

The 32 companies present identified 28 Burning Issues that are working on.  The Top Seven were most discussed:

  1. Marketing Strategies to attract new clients – 43.79%
  2. Caregiver Recruiting – 34.37%
  3. Sales Strategies when you can’t meet referral sources face-to-face – 25.0%
  4. PPP Forgiveness -18.79%
  5. Caregiver Retention – 9.38%
  6. Caregiver Online Training – 9.38%
  7. Uncertainty of Covid return in the fall – 9.38%

Other Big Burning Issues that members are working on are:

  • Bringing Office Staff back into the office
  • Liability Concerns related to caring for clients with Covid
  • Arbitration Agreements for employees
  • Unemployment Claims
  • Policies for minimum hours per week per client
  • Acquire PPE ongoing
  • Technology and how it will affect us in the future

There were a number of other issues that at least one member of our Forum is working on:

  • Utilization of Workforce
  • Organization Structure
  • Billing Rates and Caregiver Pay
  • New Office Expansion
  • Hiring Administrative Talent
  • Payroll tools
  • Client Conversion Process
  • Taking Covid Clients
  • Business Model
  • Leadership Development
  • Communicating with Clients and Caregivers
  • Scaling the Business
Office Hours with Stephen Tweed 

In April of 2020, we introduced a new service to our clients, customers, and newsletter readers called Office Hours with Stephen Tweed. The purpose was to give folks our latest update on what was happening with Covid-19.  We met weekly by Zoom video.  After the Covid Crisis began to subside, we cut back on our weekly schedule, and have determined that we will continue our Office Hours meeting on a monthly basis.

Office Hours will be held on the 4th Thursday of each month (Except November and December).  We will send you a reminder and information on how to login to the Zoom meeting.

We’ll be discussing these burning issues during these monthly conversations, and then open up to other questions and comments.  Anyone who reads this newsletter is invited to participate.

Turn on Your Web Cam

We invite you to join the Zoom video meeting by turning on your web cam and engaging in the conversation.  If you would like to watch and listen without participating you can leave your camera off and we won’t call you on to engage in the conversation.

Our Next Office Hours:

Thursday, June 25, 2020 at 4:00 pm eastern time. 

If you registered for the first round of Office Hours Sessions, you can register so you receive reminder emails from Zoom and have the ability to add it to your calendar. Or, look for an email from Jill with the link.

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