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Why Caregivers are Reluctant to get the Covid Vaccine

One of the discussion in our Home Care CEO Town Hall meeting last week was around why caregiver are reluctant to get the Covid-19 vaccine.  Our members recognize that the vaccine will be important to protect caregivers and clients, and also to ease access to providing care in facilities such as ILFs, ALFs, and SNFs.

Our research uncovered some very interesting data about health care workers as well as minority caregivers, and why they hesitate to accept the vaccine.

A survey conducted by Surgo Ventures between December 17 and 30, 2020 revealed the following data:

»53% had been offered Covid-19 Vaccine

»15% refused to take the vaccine

»24% cited personal safety concerns

»16% thought the approval process was rushed

»Black healthcare workers turned down the vaccine at significantly higher rates.  35% turned down first dose.

This survey data shows even more challenges when we look at black and Latinx health care workers.  This is a challenge for home care leaders as so many of our caregivers are members of these minority groups.

»Only 14% of blacks and 34% of Latinx Americans say they trust the safety of Covid-19 vaccine

»Only 18% of blacks and 40% of Latinx respondents say they trust the Covid019 effectiveness

»Only 28% of blacks and 47% of Latinx trust the “culturally specific testing and safety practices.

HCAOA Creates Video to Encourage Caregivers.

Our Mastermind Members discussed ways they can encourage their caregivers to receive the Covid Vaccine.  Then a day later the Home Care Association of America released a video of caregivers encouraging one another to be vaccinated.  You may want to send this link to your caregivers if you are concerned about them accepting the vaccine.

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