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Mastermind Members are Leaders In Their Associations

By Stephen Tweed

The very best way to grow your home care business is to use OPE.  Other People’s Experience.  And one of the best ways to get OPE is to be active as a leader in your state or national home care association.

This week, two of the members of our Home Care CEO Forum were recognized by their state associations for significant contribution to home care in their states.  These two people are also founders and owners of home care companies in the very top tier of the home care industry. This reinforces my belief that state and national associations are the grass roots of home care, and the owners of leading companies in our industry are also leaders in their associations.

Andrea Cohen, Home Care Champion, Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts 

The Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts, representing home health, hospice, and home care in the commonwealth, recently recognized Andrea Cohen as their 2021 Home Care Champion. Andrea is the Founder of HouseWorks in Boston, MA, and a member of the Top 5% Home Care CEO Mastermind Group. Andrea is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Home Care Association of America.

Congratulations Andrea, and thank  you for your contribution to our industry and to home care in Massachusetts.

Glenn Lane, Member of the Year, New York State Association of Health Care Providers

NYS HCP has recognized Glenn Lane with the Edna L. Lauterbach Member of the Year Award.  Glenn is the Founder of Westchester Family Care in Mamaroneck, NY, and a member of the Top 7% Home Care CEO Mastermind Group.  Glenn is also active in the Independent Home Care Alliance.

Congratulations, Glenn, and thank you for your contribution to our industry and to home care in New York.


Mastermind Members Serve on HCAOA Board of Directors

At Leading Home Care and the Home Care CEO Forum, we are avid supporters of the Home Care Association of America.  Since the association was formed over 15 years ago, we have spoken at their annual conferences, participated in their trade shows, and contributed to their magazine.  Many of our clients and mastermind members have been active in association leadership, serving on committees and on the Board of Directors. Four of our Mastermind Members currently serve on the HCAOA Board of Directors.

We also have two previous Members of Home Care CEO Masterminds on the HCAOA Board.

Hang Out With Leaders in your Industry

Shortly after I formed by company, I was encouraged by a friend to join a national society of experts who speak professionally called The National Speakers Association.  Over several decades I became actively involved in the association, made close friends, and learned about the business of speaking. I was later elected to the NSA Board of Directors and serves as President in 2003. After that I was elected to serve as Chairman of the Board of the NSA Foundation.  Without the experiences I had at NSA, and the people I met, I would never have been as successful in my speaking, consulting, and publishing business.

You too, can benefit by becoming actively engaged in your state or national association.  Every state in the country has a home care association.  Most of the state associations focus on home health and hospice, but they are also providing programming and services for “Private Duty Home Care”, as they call us.  You can also be active in a state or local chapter of he Home Care Association of America.  The more you put into  your membership in your home care association, the more you will learn and grow.  Look around. The leaders in our industry are also leaders in our industry associations.

Remember! OPE! Other People’s Experience.  Hang out with leaders in the industry and soon you, too, will be a leader in the industry.

Another way to benefit from OPE – Other People’s Experience is to be come a member of a Home Care CEO Mastermind Group.



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