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How Was Your 2021?

By Stephen Tweed

We are three weeks into the New Year.

How was your 2021? What will your 2022 look like? 

What was your total revenue for 2021?
How did your annual revenue compare to last year?
Were you up, down, or flat?
If you were up, how much?
How does that compare to other companies in your sector?

In the home care industry, we are getting ready for the annual Home Care Benchmarking Study, where companies will organize their data and submit it to Home Care Pulse for the annual report.

Participate in the Annual Home Care Benchmarking Study.  

Every year, Home Care Pulse conducts the most comprehensive national study on the private duty home care industry. Join hundreds of home care businesses across North America helping to make this invaluable industry resource possible by participating in this year’s survey.

Participating in the study is simple.

  • Download the Benchmarking Preparation Worksheet 
  • Gather your data and answer the questions on the Prep Worksheet
  • Go online and submit your data
  • Pre-order a copy of the final report.  It usually comes out in April
  • Get your copy of the report, and compare your data from the Prep Worksheet to the national data.

Our Home Care CEO Mastermind Members have found that using the benchmarking study format, they are able to track their financial results and Key Performance Indicators and get a real-time measure of hoe their company compares to the leaders in the industry.

Mastermind Members Use the Benchmarking Study

At the Home Care CEO Forum, we encourage our Mastermind Members to participate in the Home Care Pulse benchmarking Study.  We also conduct our own benchmarking study with more in-depth questions.  Then our members share their data with the other members of their own mastermind group, and engage is detailed discussions about how members invested dollars to grow their businesses, and what worked for them.  There is no other place where you can see in specific numbers how you are doing compared to similar sized home care companies that do not compete with you, AND, have a discussion with leaders of those companies about their data and the actions and decisions that led to those results.

If you are the owner of an in-home personal care company who is serious about growing your business, you’ll want to participate in the Annual Home Care Benchmarking Study from Home Care Pulse.

If you are the owner of an in-home personal care company that provides more than 1,500 hours of care per week, and you would like to have an in-depth conversations with other owners about their year-end results and other home care related issues, you may want to explore becoming a member of a Home Care CEO Mastermind Group.


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