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Why Do Your Best Caregivers Stay with You?

By Stephen Tweed

The other day,  I was working with a new Strategic Business Coaching client who wants to grow their home care business. Like most owners of home care companies, their big barrier to growth is the shortage of capable caregivers.

As we were working on their Caregiver Retention Strategy, I recalled for them the results of our Best Caregiver Study conducted several years ago. The group of 184 Best Caregivers were selected by their companies based on two criteria; client satisfaction, and reliability.

Home Care CEO Forum Best Caregiver Survey

Several years ago, we wanted to know more about what are Best Caregivers think about working in home care, why they pick certain home care companies, and why they stay with their current company.  Ten companies that are members of mastermind groups in the Home Care CEO Forum agreed to participate in our study.  They selected their ten best caregivers based on two criteria; Client Satisfaction and Reliability. We then asked them to complete a short Survey Monkey survey.  184 of these Best Caregivers responded.

Why Do you Stay with your Current Company?

Our Survey of Best Caregiver revealed the top seven reasons they stay with their current company.  The percentages show the % of Best Caregivers who listed each item in the top three reason they stay.  Why Caregivers Stay

1. Doing Important Work – 74.5%
2. Feeling Valued by my Clients – 59.2%
3. Feeling Valued by my Supervisor – 39.6%
4. Flexible Schedule – 39.0%
5. Education and Training provided by the company – 13.0%
6. Feeling Valued by my company Owners – 10.8%
7. Feeling Fairly Paid – 7.0%

What Did You Learn from This Data?

What do you think about these reasons why people stay?

What have you done in your local community to convince young people that home care is a great place to do meaningful work that matters?

What have you done in your company to show your caregivers that they they are appreciated and valued?

How have you enabled caregivers to have some say in their schedule?

What types of education and training are you providing to your caregivers so they feel prepared for the work they are doing?

How does pay enter into your thinking about how to retain top talent?

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