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Top Keepers from our Top Tier Mastermind Group

By Stephen Tweed 

September is Mastermind Month at Leading Home Care and the Home Care CEO Forum.  During the month, our five Home Care CEO Mastermind Groups meet in person to share ideas, solve problems, and support one another.  This past week, our Top 5% Mastermind Group met in Pittsburgh PA, hosted by member Sunny Days In-Home Care.

After an afternoon baseball game with the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Cincinnati Reds, we kicked off our event with dinner at Le Mont on the top of Mount Washington, overlooking downtown Pittsburgh.  Then we spent the full day on Thursday discussing Big Burning Issues.  Each member company brings their number one issue to discuss.  They explain the issue, what they are doing to address the issue, and what help they would like to get from the group. Then each member present presents their experience with this issue, what they have done to address it, and other resources available.  It’s amazing the insights that come out of these in-depth conversations by leaders of the top tier companies in home care.

Top Keepers

At the close of each in-person mastermind meeting, the last thing we do is share our “Keepers” from the meeting. Each person give three specific things they are taking away that they will take action on before our next meeting. They also list one thing they want to learn more about.  We document these keepers and use the list to help each member be accountable for taking action.

Each meeting the keepers are different from the previous meeting as the conversation shifts with trends in the industry. We have 20 sets of keeper sheets from ten years of in-person mastermind meetings of the Top 5% Group.

This year’s list of top keepers is quite interesting.  While the specific actions are unique to each company, we noticed an interesting pattern in the categories of keepers from this meeting.  Here are the areas where our members are most interested in taking action:

What do you notice about this list?

What a Change a Decade Makes

We were curious to see what the difference has been in the topics discussed, so we went back to the Keepers Sheets from our very first Home Care CEO Mastermind Meeting in Orlando FL in February of 2013.  Here’s what the group was taking away back then:

  • Growth Strategies – through acquisition 
  • Growth Strategies – growing remote locations
  • Transition from a family business to a corporate business
  • Marketing – transition from consumer marketing to referral marketing
  • Caregiver retention
  • Central intake
  • Central scheduling
  • Automation
  • Exit strategies
What are the Changes in Leading Companies in the Industry?

When you compare the two lists of issues, what do you notice?  As we look at these two lists, consider that back in 2013, the criteria to me a member of this group was that each company had to generate $5 million in annual revenue.  Today, this group consists of 12 companies with a median annual revenue just over $12 million, and the largest company in the group is nearly $25 million.

What we see from these two lists is that the largest companies in home care are experiencing three big shifts:

  1. The shift from operations to strategy
  2. The shift from processes to people
  3. The shift from business development to organization development
Would You Benefit from being part of a Home Care Mastermind Group?

How much would you personally benefit from being part of a group of similar sized companies who do not compete with one another, and who come together regularly to share ideas, solve problems, and support one another?  If this feels like something that would be good for you, explore joining one of our CEO Mastermind Groups today.




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