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Join Me for the 2023 Home Care Growth Summit hosted by Home Care Pulse

By Stephen Tweed

I’m delighted to be invited to speak again at the 2023 Home Care Growth Summit hosted by Home Care Pulse. This is one of our industry’s leading online learning events, and again this year they have a group of amazing industry experts as speakers.

Compassionomics in Home Care

This year my topic will be something brand new for home care.  I’ll be discussing Compassionomics in Home Care.  Compassionomics is … “the scientific evidence that caring makes a difference.”  This is the branch of knowledge and scientific study of the effects of compassion on health, health care, and health care providers.  While there is a body of scientific evidence to show the power of compassion in hospitals, health systems, and physician practices, this is the first look at the power of compassion in Home Care.

Compassionomics and Home Care Clients

In this highly interactive presentation, we’ll be looking at the evidence that shows that a high level of compassion has a measurable impact on home care clients and their health outcomes.  We’ll also explore how having a high level of compassion in home care helps create high levels of client satisfaction, and how this leads to work of mouth promotion of your home care business.

Compassionomics and Home Care Caregivers 

Another elements of compassionomics is the impact of compassion on the individuals providing care.  We’ll be exploring what happens with caregiver recruiting, retention, selection, and job performance when the organization demonstrates a high level of compassion.  We’ll make the connection between compassion and caregiver retention, and how this is then connected to client outcomes and satisfaction.

Compassionomics and Home Care Company Performance

Why is compassion important to home care company leaders?  We’ll be explore the evidence about the power of compassion to make the case that high levels of compassion in a home care company can measurably influence company performance and financial results.

Join Me for the Home Care Growth Summit from Home Care Pulse on Wednesday, February 15 and Thursday, February 16, 2023 from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm.  My presentation will be on Wednesday, February 15 from 1:30 until 2:15 pm eastern time.

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Register Today

Registration is open now, and the earl bird discount continues until January 15, 2023.   …  Get an additional discount by using the coupon code CEOFORUM23.



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