Home Care Nurses Have a Proud History

By Elizabeth Hogue This is National Nurses Week, so we are celebrating the profession of nursing! Home care nursing has an especially proud history. Perhaps the definitive book on home care nursing is No Place Like Home: A History of Nursing … Continue reading

Become an Employer of Choice

By Stephen Tweed In the year 2000, my longtime friend and professional speaking colleague, Roger Herman, and his wife Joyce Gioia, wrote a great book called How to Become an Employer of Choice.  Unfortunately, Roger passed away in 2006 from … Continue reading

Reviving the Work Ethic in Home Care

By Stephen Tweed   Eric Chester is a friend and professional speaking colleague from Denver, Colorado.  Eric has spent two decades speaking to and about young people. He started speaking in high schools.  As those students graduated, he began working … Continue reading

Our GOD is a Big God

By Stephen Tweed How big is your God?   That was the question we were asked last spring during our annual SoulJourners trip. SoulJourners is a group of three couples that have traveled around the world together for the past … Continue reading

2017 – The Year of the Caregiver

By Stephen Tweed   What’s the biggest challenge for you going into 2017? I know there’s a lot on your plate, from increasing competition to increased regulation, and from The Affordable Care Act to the Salaried Overtime Rule. After working … Continue reading

How to Hire Winners

By Stephen Tweed   It’s the holiday season and I’ve been working in my office clearing things out to make room for new ideas and new things.  I spent all day Saturday emptying old filing cabinets and throwing away reams … Continue reading

Explore the DNA of a CEO

By Stephen Tweed What separates high performing leaders in home health care apart from all other leaders in our industry?  What are the core competencies of these high performing leaders?  What are the similarities and differences between leaders of large … Continue reading