Where Do Your Best Clients Come From?

By Stephen Tweed  A few weeks ago I spoke at the closing general session for the annual conference of the third largest franchise company in our industry on the topic of “Scaling Your Home Care Business with Data Oriented Decision … Continue reading

Who is Your Ideal Client?

By Stephen Tweed A few weeks ago, we had our Top 5% Home Care CEO Mastermind Group in Marco Island, Florida for our semi-annual get together.  Fifteen leaders from ten companies gathered to discuss their big burning issues, and to … Continue reading

HomeCare 2020: The Power of Benchmarking

By Stephen Tweed  One thing I look forward to every April is receiving my copy of the latest Home Care Benchmarking Study from Home Care Pulse.  This is the single most valuable resource for understanding your home care business, and … Continue reading

Home Care 2020: Three Big Barriers to Growth

By Stephen Tweed Agency growth has slowed in the home care industry. This past two weeks, we’ve been on our video conferences with members of our various Home Care CEO Mastermind Groups.  Our topic this month is, “How was your … Continue reading