Another Disruption at a Digital Disruptor

By Stephen Tweed As longtime readers know, we’ve been following the path of the “Digital Disruptors” in home care.  These are the companies that have attempted to use technology to “Uberize” Home Care.  Over the past few months, Home Hero … Continue reading

Another Digital Disruptor Bites the Dust

By Stephen Tweed   For the past several years, we’ve been keeping you informed of new developments at the “Digital Disruptors” who are attempting to bring about the “Uberization” of home care.  These companies are using technology go connect clients … Continue reading

The Death of a Digital Disruptor

By Stephen Tweed   Home Care CEOs have been asking for the past two years about the future of the “Digital Disruptors”; those companies who are touting the “uberization” of home care.  At Leading Home Care, we’ve been tracking this … Continue reading

Get Ready for Home Care Benchmarking 2017

By Stephen Tweed   As you probably know by now, I’m a bit of a numbers guy.  I preach the wisdom that says, “What gets measured gets managed. What gets rewarded gets repeated.”   A while back, someone sent me … Continue reading

Another Digital Disruption in Home Care

By Stephen Tweed  The big guns are finding home care.  Google Capital has just invested $43.6 million in bills itself as the world’s largest online marketplace for finding and managing family care.  Google Capital’s share in the $278 … Continue reading

Who’s Disrupting the Home Care Space?

By Stephen Tweed You are doing fine.  You’ve been in the home care business for the past five years and you’ve grown your company to 2,500 hours per week.  That puts you in the top 25% of companies in the … Continue reading