Caregiver Quality Assurance – Take the First Step to Improve Caregiver Retention

Thanks for your interest in Caregiver Quality Assurance®, the industry leading program to help you recruit, select, and retain the best caregivers.  Our research shows that home care companies that select and retain the best caregivers are able to grow faster and have higher client satisfaction ratings.  You’ll get positive word-of-mouth advertising from delighted clients.  Your team will spend less time dealing with caregiver issues allowing them more time to assure both caregiver and client needs are met.

What is Caregiver Quality Assurance?

As a member of the Caregiver Quality Assurance program you’ll have access to advanced psychological testing to help you determine that the caregivers you send into a client’s home are a good fit and have the right attitude to provide quality care.  We are confident that the assessments can help you to more effectively and efficiently select the best caregivers.

We’ll be happy to answer your questions and furnish you with a link to experience the assessments yourself. Once you complete the assessments we’ll send your results.  Then you can choose your FREE gift, our Bad Hire Calculator or Billing Rate Calculator.  Take that first step!

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