Strategy & Business Growth

Vision + Strategy + Talent = Strategic Focus

What is the Strategic Focus for your home health agency, hospice, or private duty home care company? Talk with Stephen about your agency’s needs and he’ll provide a discussion document describing his approach to solving your strategy and business growth challenges.

Create your Strategic Focus process in the following ways:

The Executive Strategy Retreat – An off-site strategy session with the members of your senior leadership team.

The Board Strategy Retreat – Involve your Board of Directors in the strategy setting process.

The Executive Team Building Retreat – Create focus and alignment for your c-suite officers and leaders.

Sales and Marketing Strategy – Together we’ll develop a marketing strategy defined by what makes you distinct. Then we’ll create a process to get this message to your key referral sources.

Recruiting, Selection, and Retention Strategy – Develop and implement a solid strategy to recruit new staff and retain your best.

Private Duty Growth Strategies – Bill more hours and increase revenue in your private pay home care business with our unique coaching process.

The Storyboarding Process Makes Us Unique

Storyboarding makes ideas visible and stimulates innovation. Include the members of your team to actively engage in the process of developing YOUR strategic focus using your ideas. We’ll then organize those ideas to create a clear word picture of where you are, where you’re going, and how you’ll get there.

Our six key elements to develop your business growth strategy:

Assessment – A detailed evaluation of where your agency is today.

Direction – A focused plan guided by your agency’s mission, vision for the future, and core values.

Distinction – A clear vision for your team stating what makes you distinct from your competitors in order to grow your business.

Action Planning – A detailed action plan with goals, action steps, target dates, assigned responsibility and resources.

Implementation – Stephen will provide regular coaching for you and your team to help you implement your strategic plan and track your results.  This can be done over 13 or 26 weeks.

Measurement – Leading Home Care will help you set up a scorecard to track the outcomes of your strategic planning process and its execution.

Contact Diane West at 502-339-0653 to schedule a call with Stephen Tweed.  Begin the process of growing your business by creating YOUR Strategic Focus.