Home Health Leadership Study

DNA of a CEO
The 2017 Home Health Care Leadership Study

What does it take to make a great CEO in the home health care business? What are the leadership styles of other leaders such as COO or CNO?

The 2016 Home Health Care CEO Study

Our purpose is to identify the leadership styles, workplace motivators, and core competencies of Leaders in the top 10% of home care. During 2016, we were pleased to have 260 leaders from home health and private duty home care complete the study.  We have analyzed those results, and learned a great deal about the leadership styles, workplace motivators, and core competencies of CEOs in the top tier of home health and private duty home care. You can download a complimentary copy of the research report.

Expanding the Study in 2017

An unexpected benefit of speaking for all of these associations is that a number of folks completed the assessment who were in other positions. We’ve decided to expand the study to five groups:

  • Home Health CEOs
  • Home Health COOs or Administrators
  • Home Health CNO’s or Directors of Nursing

And then…

  • Private Duty CEOs
  • Private Duty COOs

If you are the CEO, COO, or CNO of a home health or private-pay agency and would like to learn more about your own leadership style, workplace motivators, and core competencies, then we would encourage you to take the assessment. It will take you about 30 minutes of uninterrupted time to answer the questions.  As soon as you have completed the survey, you will receive an email with your own personal TriMetrix DNA report.

Sample Report Cover

What’s in it for me?

Why would you want to participate in this study?  The biggest reason is that leaders are learners.  The CEOs of the top home care companies I’ve met are always looking for opportunities to learn more about themselves, their companies, and their industry.  This is a tremendous opportunity for you to learn more about yourself and other top tier leaders in home care.  When you complete the TriMetrix DNA survey, you will receive:

  1. Your own personal copy of your Success Insights TriMetrix DNA report
  2. A 30-minute telephone debriefing of your report and what it means with a member of the Leading Home Care Talent Solutions Team
  3. A copy of the final Home Health Care CEO Leadership Research Report

The only cost to you is 30 minutes of your time.

If you are the CEO of  a home health agency that generates $5 Million or more in revenue, here’s the opportunity for you to participate in this industry leading study.

Take the Survey Now


If you are the CEO of a private pay, non-medical home care company (private duty home care) that generates $2 million or more in revenue, we would like to have you participate in this study.

Thank You to the following Associations for Co-Sponsoring the 2016 CEO Study! We appreciate your support.

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