Stephen Tweed, Keynote Speaker and Health Care Strategist, Keynote Topics for 2017

Keynote Topics

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Conquer the Crisis

This biggest barrier to growing your home health agency, hospice, or home care business is the . There simply are not enough caregivers to meet the growing needs of your patients and your agency.  In this powerful presentation, Stephen Tweed will present the result of years of research and interviews with hundreds of home care executives to show you how leading companies are dealing with the Caregiver Recruiting and Retention Crisis.  You’ll explore the most effective long-term solution, creating a Culture of Attraction and Accomplishment.  Then you’ll discover an innovative seven step Caregiver Solution System that you can apply beginning tomorrow.

Strategic Focus: A Gameplan for Growing the Company You Want

What are the barriers to growing the company you want in home care and hospice?  Increasing Competition and Lack of Focus! In this interactive presentation, Stephen Tweed will demonstrate clearly how to create Strategic Focus in your agency, and how to be distinct in your marketplace.  He’ll show you how Vision + Strategy + Talent = Exceptional Performance in home health care.

Leading from the Outside In

Five major Mega-Trends are shaping the future of home care in America.  These seismic shifts will change forever how your agency fits into the health care continuum.  How you and your leadership team respond to these Mega-Trends will determine your future.  In this powerful presentation, Stephen Tweed will explore the Mega-Trends, and describe the core leadership competencies needed to guide your agency to a successful future.  You discover insights on how to create a Culture of Attraction and Accomplishment.  

DNA of a CEO

What motivates CEOs in the top tier of home health care?  What are their leadership styles?  What are the core competencies that make them successful?

Beginning in January of 2016, Leading Home Care in collaboration with two national associations and 14 state associations conducted a major industry study of CEOs in the top tier of home care.  Over 200 CEOs in the largest home health agencies and private duty home care companies completed a detailed leadership assessment. The results of this cutting-edge research give us a much clearer picture of what it takes to lead a highly successful agency in the ever-changing environment of health care at home.

In this interactive presentation, Stephen Tweed will describe for you the lessons learned from this study, and explore how you can apply these principles to develop the next generation of leaders in home health care, hospice, and private duty home care.

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